“Repatriation”: Janko Jezovšek – Jizou

“Repatriation”: Janko Jezovšek – Jizou

23. 10. 2012 

“Repatriation” is a programme of Maribor’s House of Literature in the frame of the project “Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture”. The aim of the “Repatriation” programme is to attract recognized cultural creators, who have left Maribor a long time ago, back to the city by the Drava River.

The composer Janko Jezovšek – Jizou was born in Maribor, but since 1965 he lives and works as a “guest artist”, mainly in the German-speaking area (Neuberg/Hessen). As a prolific artist he collaborated with many theatre artists, puppeteers, dancers, and other artists; he is also the author of several operas or multimedia musical works, e.g. “Opera mobile”, “Bio-opera”, “Bunker”, etc. In the last few years his musical creativity is directed primarily towards music education of children.

The presentation shall be part of programme “Repatriation”, within the project Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture.

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