An evening with the group Kontra-Kvartet

An evening with the group Kontra-Kvartet

31. 03. 2016 
– 31. 03. 2016

On 1 April this year, the Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor will celebrate its 15th anniversary. On this occasion, we invite visitors to two events.

On Thursday, 31 March 2016, at 6 p.m., the music group Kontra-Kvartet will perform. Vesna Čobal, Daliborka Ancel, Petar Marić and Branko Smrtnik are musical interpreters who have been enthralling us for many years by playing traditional Jewish klezmer music.

Klezmer music is colourful and rich, like the colourful and rich history of the Jewish people, who spent thousands of years on the run to preserve their heavenly talent and the traditions of their ancestors. This is the music of the Jewish troubadours – klezmorins and includes many popular compositions from various indigenous cultures: Romanian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Greek, Ottoman (Turkish), Arabic, in Hungary also Roma and later in the 19th century, jazz from America , which is a challenge for the Kontra-Quartet. The group has been active for ten years and has accumulated stage kilometres at concerts.

Because klezmer is a lively, melodic, sensual and joyful music, full of passion, drama and melancholy, it never leaves listeners indifferent. The group Kontra-Kvartet recreates it with special feeling and love, because it is the universal language of the soul. Anyone who has not yet experienced a different kind of “band”, traditional and ethnic music, has the opportunity to hear it in a sincere and appealing presentation of the acoustic group Kontra-Kvartet.

On Friday, 1 April, at 1 p.m., we will present the collection Jews in Slovenia: History and Holocaust IV. We have already prepared the fourth anthology from this series as part of efforts to comprehensively present the history and consequences of the Holocaust. Contributions are published in the collection that shed light on the subject of the Holocaust from various perspectives. The collection will be presented by the author of the foreword and reviewer prof. dr. Borut Holcman and editors Nuša Lešnik and Marjetka Bedrač.

Both events are free.

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