Programme of the Synagogue


Stone Tears: Remembrance and Learning about the Holocaust and Genocide of the Roma

documentary exhibition

24. January - 14. February, Maribor public library (Lovrenc na Pohorju unit)

The Holocaust is one of the worst crimes against humanity. It does not represent simply an attempt to destroy the whole Jewish, as well Roma nations but is a synonym for total dehumanization, for an industrialized process of planned murder either by gassing or shooting, either by starvation or exhaustion from labour, to death.

With a desire to permanently raise an awareness regarding the Holocaust and the Genocide of the Roma (sometimes also referred as Porrajmos) to the wider public, the Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor along with its partners have, in 2014, designed an international project entitled Stone Tears.

Within the framework of the Stone Tears project, we have prepared a documentary exhibition with the same title. It concisely presents the history of anti-Semitism and anti-Gypsysm, an increase of the persecution of the Jews, Roma and Sinti during the time of the national socialist government, the “Final Solution” of the Jewish and Roma question, the lives of the survivors of the Holocaust and Genocide of the Roma following the Second World War and the significance of remembrance and of learning about the Holocaust and Genocide of the Roma.

The authors of the Stone Tears exhibition are Marjetka Berlič, Liljana Matjašič and Marjetka Bedrač. The exhibition was reviewed by Boris Hajdinjak.

Attendance and participation in the cultural event will only be possible within the framework of existing measures to prevent the spread of covid-19 and subject to compliance with the RVT condition (recovered vaccinated tested).

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