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Stolpersteine in Prekmurje 2022

Laying Stolpersteine

4 July 2022, in Šalovci and Lendava

On 4th of July 2022 we installed new Stolpersteine in Šalovci and Lendava.

In Šalovci at the address Šalovci 161, the members of the Schönauer family got the Stolpersteine: Julij, Elizabeta, Ladislav, and Helena. In Lendava, at the Trgu ljudske pravice 11 Stolpersteine were received by the Deutsch family: Aladar, Elizabeta and Judita. Also in Lendava, at Glavni ulica 30, Emil and Emilija Pollak, and Ladislav, Eva, and Peter Nádai also received Stolpersteine.

All Stolpersteine were laid by the German artist Gunter Demnig, who started laying Stolpersteine thirty years ago.

The installation took place as part of the Never Forget project.

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