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Lady Bluetooth – Hedy Lamarr

An exhibition of the Jewish Museum Vienna

31 May 2022 - 15 January 2023

The exhibition “Lady Bluetooth – Hedy Lamarr” offers an insight into life and work of the gorgeous actress from the Hollywood’s golden era.

Hedy Lamarr was one of the most beautiful and most admired actresses of the golden age of Hollywood. The famous actress, who was born in Vienna of Jewish descent, was also known to the public for many scandals in her private life, but few people knew that she was also an exceptional inventor. Among other things, she and composer George Antheil designed the frequency hopping system, which is the technical forerunner of today’s wireless technologies.

The present exhibition in Synagogue Maribor, which was prepared in collaboration of the Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor and the Jewish Museum Vienna, is based on the exhibition “Lady Bluetooth – Hedy Lamarr” (2019) of the Jewish Museum Vienna; curatorial concept by Andrea Winklbauer; lead of exhibition: Danielle Spera.


Producer of the traveling exhibition in Slovenia: Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor

Curator of the exhibition: Andrea Winklbauer

Exhibition design by: Fuhrer, Vienna

Project coordinators: Marjetka Bedrač, Andrea Winklbauer

The traveling exhibition and the accompanying leaflet were prepared with the support of the Municipality of Maribor and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Ljubljana.

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