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The word I don’t have

Book presentation

21. September 2021, at 18:00

On Tuesday, 21st of September 2021, at 6 pm, we kindly invite you to Synagogue Maribor (Židovska ulica 4 in Maribor) for the presentation of the book The Word I Don’t Have and a conversation with the author Nataša Konc Lorenzutti. The author will be interviewed by Neža Vilhelm.

This year, the Miš publishing house published the novel “The Word I Don’t Have” by the writer Nataša Konc Lorenzutti. In the novel, we follow the central protagonist Sonja, who after Nona’s death begins to be disturbed by family history. The grandmother and her brother were left without both parents during the war, and the fate of their younger sister, who disappeared as a baby when the Nazis separated mothers from children, was especially mysterious. Sonja tries to find out what happened to this sister and whether she is still alive at all, and at the same time she starts researching the fate of “stolen children” and thus confronts the many horrors of war. If the central thread of the novel is the exploration of the memories and testimonies of people who experienced the cruelty of the war, Sonja’s personal story also takes place alongside. Namely, the girl leaves high school and enters adulthood, which is (fleetingly) accompanied by a love story.

“The word I don’t have is an extremely shocking and at the same time tense reading that skillfully intertwines the past and the present; it is based on a set of true stories that are kneaded into the one that is before us. So we read a literary work, a novel, behind which are hidden hours and hours of hard research work, field research, interviews and studies. This time, the seasoned author for both children and youth, as well as for adults, presents herself with a novel for adults and more ambitious (older) teenage readers. ”(Source: Miš publishing house website)

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