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Marko Vogrič: Grandfather Franc, Gorizia – Dachau. A Photo Letter from the Camp

Photographic exhibition

21 January - 30 June 2021

The Gorizia-born photographer Marko Vogrič is tied to the former Nazi camp Dachau through a very personal family story.

It was in this camp, where his grandfather Franc died just shortly after the liberation of the camp. The photographer thus knows his grandfather only from the memories of those by whom Franc was survived. The exhibition presents a cycle of black-and-white photographs from Dachau, taken by Marko Vogrič in 2010. His photographs are characterised by a special patina, a keen sense of the choice of subjects and an aesthetic-lyrical impression moving them away from a mere documentary value. Moreover, the photographer has managed to convey a feeling of the timelessness of remembrance, and his works can thus be ‘read’ as intimate letters written in the present about the past as a forewarning for the future.

Marko Vogričwas born in 1961 in Gorizia. He started pursuing photography more seriously after the year 2000. He specialises in black and white film photography, using a camera obscura (a pinhole camera) to take photos from his signature ‘mouse’s eye view’. He also uses vintage cameras of all formats to experiment with unconventional techniques (cross process). His enlarging technique is, for the most part, traditional, relying on gelatin silver bromide paper. He has, however, further explored the photographic medium and his photographic creativity through old printing techniques (cyanotype, Van Dyke brown, etc.).Vogrič has participated in various exhibitions and competitions and has contributed photographs for several published books.

The video clip of the virtual opening of the exhition can be viewed HERE and on our Facebook.

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The exhibition was prepared as part of the ‘Shoah – Let Us Remember 2021’ project, which was funded by the Municipality of Maribor and the Embassy of the State of Israel.

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