Programme of the Synagogue


The Festival of Photography Maribor 2019

Photography exhibition

17 - 30 September 2019

As part of The Festival of Photography Maribor 2019, we are hosting two photo exhibitions of Bojan Radovič and Faruk Ibrahimović at the Maribor Synagogue. They will be displayed from 17 to 30 September 2019.


Bojan Radovič was born in 1960 in Novo mesto, he is a recognized Slovenian photographer. He graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design in Swansea (Wales) in the UK. In 1979, he, Jovo Grobovšek and Saš Fuis founded the photo Gallery “Elephant`s” in Novo mesto. He was later the cofounder and manager of the Fotogalerija Novo mesto, in 2005 he established the institution Hiša fotografije. He presented his works at numerous individual and group exhibitions both at home and abroad. In 2012, he participated in the International photography project European Eyes on Japan as the first Slovenian photographer.

Hibakujumoku is a term that in Japanese culture indicates the trees that survived the explosion of atomic bombs in 1945. Around 170 are still standing in the area of Hiroshima, which was visited by Radovič and he searched for some them. With a specially prepared image capture device, he scanned the bark, which in its organic way bear the record of the past. Large-format images, passing the boundary between abstract and concrete and backward, are sensual images with emotional charge and at the same time conceptual imagery.


Faruk Ibrahimović was born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He became involved in photography in the late 1950s. He has already prepared 42 solo exhibitions and participated in 157 group exhibitions.

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