Programme of the Synagogue


Stranded in Shanghai

Photographic exhibition

27 March - 3 June 2019

Jewish Refugee Life through the Lens of Arthur Rothstein

After the Chrystal night (9.-10. November 1938) Shanghai was one of the few places in the world that favoured Jewish refugees. Around 18.000 European Jews found refuge there, many of them also survived the whole war there under Japanese occupation. In April 1946 the American-Jewish photographer Arthur Rothstein captured an unforgettable portrait of the European Jews, who were “stranded in Shanghai”, and were soon forced to flee again, this time from the dangers of Chinese civil war. The photos show us a collective experience of the refugee community and the lives of individuals, who found a temporary home in Shanghai.

The exhibition “Stranded in Shanghai” is part of the permanent collection of the Jewish Cultural Centre Ljubljana.

For more information on Arthur Rothstein’s work please visit The Arthur Rothstein Legacy Project.

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