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Each Year One Name: Elizabeta Savica Rožanc Horvath

International scientific meeting

26 January 2018, at 9:00, Glazerjeva Hall - University of Maribor Library

Elizabeta Savica Rožanc rescued the Jewish boy Tomaž Zajc during the Second World War. In 2016, the Holocaust Memorial Center Yad Vashem proclaimed Elizabeth and her parents, Emo and Miho Rožanc, Righteous Among Nations.

We dedicate this year’s traditional scientific meeting Each Year One Name to the Righteous Elizabeta Horvath, born Rožanc. Renowned lecturers from Slovenia, Croatia and Germany will take part in the meeting. In their contributions, they will shed light on the life and destiny of Jews in Ljubljana and the Ljubljana region during the Holocaust. In the introductory lecture, prof. Roman Mirnik spoke about Jewish students who studied at the University of Ljubljana in the 1930s. This will be followed by a lecture by dr. Blaž Vurnik on Ljubljana during the occupation, and Tomaž Zajc and Boris Hajdinjak will present the history of the Holocaust in Ljubljana and the story of Elizabeta Savica Rožanc Horvath and her “Mažija”. They will be followed by lectures by dr. Renato Podbersič on Evgen Bolaffi as the informal leader of the Jews of Ljubljana during the Second World War, Mojca Horvat on the Maribor doctor of Jewish origin Klara Kukovec as a refugee in occupied Ljubljana, dr. Anna Maria Gruenfelder on the unrecognized Italian Righteous Among Nations general Giuseppe Amico and prof. dr. Ivo Goldstein on the Catholic Church in the Independent State of Croatia and the Holocaust. In the final part of the meeting, participants will be able to listen to dr. Klaus Voigl, who will talk about Jewish children on the run and the memories of Josef Indig, and Leonida Babič, Gordana Rubelj and Marjetka Berlič, who will present the importance of learning about the Holocaust for today and examples of good practice.

The scientific meeting will take place in the Glazerjeva Hall of the University of Maribor Library. It will be opened by Boris Hajdinjak, director of the Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor, and dr. Zdenka Petermanec, director of the University of Maribor Library. The gathered guests and the audience will also be addressed by the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor Saša Pelko.

Lectures by dr. Anne Marie Gruenfelder and prof. dr. Ivo Goldstein will be in Croatian, lecture by dr. Klaus Voigt in German. Simultaneous translation will not be provided.

Programme of the scientific meeting

Summaries of lectures


The meeting is organized in cooperation with the University of Maribor Library as part of the project Shoah – Let Us Remember 2018. The organization of the meeting was also supported by the Municipality of Maribor, ZRC SAZU, Mini Theater and the Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana.

Honorary sponsor of the Shoah – Let Us Remember 2018 project is the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia Anton Peršak.

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