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Shoah – Let Us Remember 2017

Events on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

From 18 January until 8 February 2017

In Slovenia, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, 27 January, is commemorated with the Shoah – Let Us Remember annual project. Within the framework of the project, which includes numerous cultural, museum, research and educational institutions, we prepare exhibitions, experts meetings and several cultural events.

The Holocaust was one of the worst crimes against humanity. In it, about 6 million Jews lost their lives, while Roma and Sinti members of Slavic nations, political prisoners, prisoners of war, Jehovah’s witnesses, homosexuals, physically and mentally impaired people and other individuals considered unacceptable by the Nazi regime were victims of the Nazi persecution as well.

The Holocaust does not represent simply an attempt to destroy the entire Jewish, as well Roma nations but is a synonym for total dehumanization, for an industrialized process of planned murder either by gassing or shooting, either by starvation or exhaustion from labour, to death. As an expression of the final stage of anti-Semitism, the Holocaust is a model example as to what extreme extent hatred, which gradually grows and starts to infect all parts of society, can increase. It is also a reminder of the moral collapse of humanity, therefore through the preservation of the historical memory of the victims of the Holocaust, Genocide of the Roma, Nazi persecution and genocides in general, we endeavour to prevent the emergence of hatred and intolerance which can lead to crimes against humanity.

In 2017, within the Shoah – Let Us Remember project, several events in Maribor, Ljubljana, Murska Sobota, Lendava, Dolga vas near Lendava, Kamnik and Ptuj, as well as in the Austrian Potrna/Laafeld and at numerous primary and secondary schools across Slovenia will be organized.


Programme (English)

The honorary patron of the project Shoah – Let Us Remember 2017 is Borut Pahor, the President of the Republic of Slovenia.

Organizers of the events prepared within the project Shoah – Let Us Remember 2017: Akademija za glasbo, Ljubljana; Cankarjev dom; Center judovske kulturne dediščine Sinagoga Maribor (nacionalni koordinator projekta); II. gimnazija Maribor; Dvojezična osnovna šola I Lendava; Galerija-Muzej Lendava; Gimnazija Ilirska Bistrica; Glasbena matica Ljubljana; Hotel Mitra, Ptuj; Judovski kulturni center Ljubljana; Kulturno društvo Člen 7 za avstrijsko Štajersko – Pavlova hiša, Potrna/Laafeld; Kulturno društvo Lendava; Mariborska knjižnica; Medobčinski muzej Kamnik; Mini teater, Ljubljana; Muzej novejše zgodovine Slovenije; OŠ Draga Kobala Maribor; OŠ Koseze; OŠ Pesnica; OŠ Starše; Pokrajinska in študijska knjižnica Murska Sobota; Prešernovo gledališče Kranj; Prva gimnazija Maribor; RTV Slovenija; Salon uporabnih umetnosti, Maribor; Sinagoga Lendava – Slovenski muzej holokavsta; Slovensko komorno glasbeno gledališče; Srednja šola Slovenj Gradec in Muta; Univerzitetna knjižnica Maribor; Založba Pivec, Maribor; Znanstvenoraziskovalni center Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti; Zveza kulturnih društev Lendava; Zveza združenj borcev za vrednote NOB Slovenije – Koordinacija taboriščnih odborov.

The project Shoah – Let Us Remember 2017 was supported by the Municipality of Maribor and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia. The individual event were supported also by the Municipality of Ljubljana, the Israeli Embassy to Slovenia, the European Union (programme Creative Europe) and Municipality of Lendava/Lendva.

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