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Irena Zemljič Gajser: Emanation of symbols

Art exhibition

4 November - 31 December 2015, opening on 4 November at 18:00

Maribor artist Irena Zemljič Gajser is distinguish by her recognizable artistic style with which she researches predominately the inner structures of the both realistic and metaphysical micro cosmos. Correspondingly, the author remains faithful to her artistic expression even in her most recent cycle, in which she sets off on an intense artistic exploratory journey into the world of Jewish cultural heritage.

In her artwork, Irena Zemljič Gajser constantly moves between the abstract and the realistic whereat her colour range as well as artistic forms are mostly minimalistic. The author follows the same artistic expression also in her latest cycle “Emanation of Symbols” which is presenting the author’s first solo series of art creations, entirely dedicated to an intense artistic exploration of Jewish cultural heritage. The basic painting surface of the works is defined by a distinctive dark blue foundation which creates a neutral background for structural analyses of eleven cult objects and ideological entities inextricably connected to Judaism. They are applied to the monochromatic surface of small-format squares either in light or whitish shades, or as sand deposits, their normative appearance never being fully unfolded. Even more, with a segmentation of one and the same object – motif to individual sections, the artist on one hand plays with their physical characteristics, their structural rigidity and inner dynamic, while on the other hand, by arranging the sections into a vertical collage, she graduates the feeling of the symbolic and mystical concept of the motifs presented, as well as the artistic effect of the resulting art works. Since the appearance of the chosen motifs is only implied, the represented images in their final expression are reflected as painting emanations of primary formal features through which, their real, i. e. metaphysical essence reflects.

Irena Zemljič Gajser graduated at the Arthouse – College of Visual Arts in Ljubljana. So far she has attended numerous painters’ colonies, ex tempore and charity events, and has had more than fifteen solo and more than fifty group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. She is also the chair of the Maribor Visual Artists’ Association (DLUM), a member of the executive committee of the ZDSLU and a council member of the Gallery of Fine Arts Slovenj Gradec. She lives and works in Maribor.

The exhibition will be opened by Prof. Dr. Dragan Potočnik, while the artist and her work will be presented by art historian Marjetka Bedrač. Živa Krajnc (harp) and Jana Rumpf (flute) will perform in the cultural programme, the opening will be moderated by Zvone Lebar.


The project was supported by Mestna občina Maribor.

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