Programme of the Synagogue


Cvetka Hojnik: En Sof – The Infinity

Art exhibition

12 November - 31 December 2014, opening on 12 November at 18:00

The latest Cvetka Hojnik’s independent exhibition EN SOF at the Maribor Synagogue represents a multi-dimensional upgrade of her previous opus, for it is a project in the frame of her master thesis, designed as an homage to Lendava Jews, referring to the mystical tradition of Kabbalah.

Without any doubt, Cvetka Hojnik represents a unique phenomenon on the Slovenian otherwise extremely heterogeneous artistic scene, since she in a specific way combines experience from the field of textile design with classical artistic creativity, exploring new techniques and materials with which she achieves original associatively abstract and colouristically expressive, though mostly non-chromatic effect of the artistic work with rich symbolic narration in the prevailingly geometrically stylised morphology on the threshold of minimalism.

Works of art by Cvetka Hojnik, in spite of the impression of puritan Platonian intelligibility, obviously require extensive preparations, for beside defining the composition and proportions, on several sketches different materials must be projected and colours must be chosen, taking into consideration the placement into a specific gallery environment at the same time. Therefore each exhibition poses a setting challenge, both for the artist and for the visitors, since the works each time from a different angle motivate them to meditation about intertwinement of life and death, about co-effect of order/expedience and chaos/coincidence, about manifestations of the subconscious through the consciousness, and moreover, whether cosmogony is not perhaps in fact the consequence of theogony, or the Creator’s (Demiurge’s) interference with the creation. (Mario Berdič)


The project was supported by Dravske elektrarne Maribor and Mestna občina Maribor.

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