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Shoah – Let Us Remember 2013

Several events

3. 1. - 31. 1. 2013

On 1st November 2005 the UN General Assembly has declared the 27th January as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. For the deminishing generations of survivors’ sakes it is the duty of present generations and the historiography to prevent memory loss about one of the darkest sides of 20th century history.

Despite the small size of the Slovenian territory where Jews before and after World War II were relatively few in number, the Slovenian Holocaust history can be, and it actually must be described as a microcosmos of Holocaust history within Central Europe. Remembering the Holocaust and the tragedy of genocide should not just be the remembrance of the victims but also of those who have survived the greatest tragedy from the first half of the 20th century. The Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor, being the national coordinator of programmes in the field of Holocaust education and remembrance, annually dedicates special attention precisely to these issues. For the fourth year now, abundant activities and a variety of events across Slovenia are being organized under the title “Shoah – Let Us Remember”. For it should not to be forgotten…

You are cordially invited to attend the events that will be held between 3rd and 31st January 2013:

- openings of the exhibitions: Anne Frank – a History for Today; Star Stripe – An Exhibition about the Holocaust; Tracing Jewish Heritage in Slovenia; Being Jewish; Holocaust 1933-1945 (Courage to Remember); Eternal Memory (The Holocaust Remembrance Day); Forgive Us, Forgive Us, Oh You Dead! Jewish Soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Army on the Isonzo Front;

- scientific meeting Each Year One Name: Unknown Slovenian Righteous from Prekmurje and Primorska Regions and round table on the topic Ciril Kotnik – the Next Righteous Among the Nations from Slovenia?;

- interview with Slavko Goldstein, presentation of the book Jews in Slovenia: History and the Holocaust, and lectures: Shadows of the Memory – Extermination of the Jewish Community in Prekmurje Region; Marko Rosner – The Forgotten man from Maribor; Images of the Death: Nazism and the Holocaust through the Eyes of the Art; Teaching about the Holocaust – The Pedagogical Philosophy of Yad Vashem; Forgotten Heroism at the Soča River.

List of the events

Anne Frank – A History for Today (Maribor First Grammar School; invitation)

Ciril Kotnik – the Next Righteous Among the Nations from Slovenia? (invitation)


Honorary patron of the project Shoah – Let Us Remember 2013 is Mr Karl Erjavec, the minister for foreign affairs of the Republic of Slovenia. The project was realized with the financial support of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance – IHRA.

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