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In the homes of Karst villages the candles were burning

Book presentation

11. 4. 2013, at 18.00

That night, burning candles in the homes of Karst villages were silently expresing deep sorrow of hummiliated man of the Primorska Region. In decades that were yet to come, those “sad lights” were lighted again and again…

The book, published by publishing house Mladika, Trieste, marks the 80th anniversary of the shooting of Bazovica heroes. It is a unique document, “full of historical material, yet not a scientific historical work. It is a document written with the piety of a family as well as of a Christian distance, especially for the moments described in the words of the great Dante as  ”di cui tacere è bello”. But it can not pass the shameful manipulation of the tragic subject, which should be treated only with subtle respect, that the Trieste theatre has used senselessly and tastelessly. Politically left orientated Slovenians, living in Trieste area in Italy, have never written a document of such grace: A crown more beautiful could not have been put on the memory of the martyrdom of Bazovica, hence that martyrdom does not belong to international utopia but to the freedom of  Slovenians” (* translation resumed after Alojz Rebula’s foreword to the book).

Book presentation and conversation about the historical memory on the heroes of Bazovica, heroes that have shed their blood for the freedom of Slovenians at Bazovica on 6 September 1930, will be attended by the book editor Vera Vetrih, Marij Maver, Nadia Roncelli, Majda Colja Kompan and Dr. Stane Granda. The conversation will be conducted by Štefan Skledar.

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