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Each Year One Name

Science meeting

24. 1. 2013, at 9.00

Due to our effort for a complete scientific presentation of the Holocaust and within the project Shoah – Let Us Remember 2013, we are holding a science meeting named Each Year One Name. The intention of this meeting is to present the latest researches of respectable scientists, such as historians, sociologists and anthropologist, with special emphasis on the presentation of the Righteous Among the Nations from Slovenia to expert and secular public.

So far we have presented two Slovenian Righteous Among the Nations – Uroš Žun and Andrej Tumpej. This years meeting is dedicated to less known stories of rescuing of the Jews during the Second World War and to brave Slovenians, who helped with pure altruism to save many lifes. Those individuals were Andrej Vendramin, Ludvik Cigüt and families Žilavec and Fartelj. Some further lectures will be dedicated also to the topics, such as: – the Jewish refugees from Central Europe on the NDH (Independent State of Croatia) territory during the war, – the beginnings of the international studies about the Roma genocide, with special emphasis on the question of the Holocaust and the Roma of the Prekmurje Region, – the Jews among the Slovenian communists between the two world wars (presenting the story of Ali Kardoš), – and about examples of good practice of remembering and teaching about the Holocaust in Maribor.

The meeting will be held in the Glazer hall in the University of Maribor Library. The lectures will be held by Dr Anna Maria Gruenfelder, Dr Vera Klopčič, Mag Franc Kuzmič, Mag Renato Podbersič, Boris Hajdinjak, Mag Klemen Brvar and Dr Marjan Toš.

The science meeting will be opened by Dr Božo Cerar, the deputy of the honorary patron of the project Shoah – Let Us Remember 2013, Mr Karl Erjavec, the minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Slovenia. A speech will be also held by Dr Igor Vojtic, a representative of the Jewish Community of Slovenia.

Programme of the meeting


The project was realized with the financial support of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance – IHRA.

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